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Foto: Erik Aspson

Muskö is located south of Haninge in Stockholm’s southern archipelago. It is easily accessible by car tunnel and offers lovely beaches, cliffs to swim from and a leafy natural setting.

People visit Muskö to admire the blooming beach meadows, green pastures and beaches with a rich plant and animal life. At Muskö you will find Grytholmens friluftsmuseum (outdoor museum) with a torp (small Swedish cottage), a forge and sea cottages that bear testament to past inhabitants of the island. At Arbottna you will find the swamp of Maren, a paradise spot for birds. Out towards the sea and Mysingen there are high beach cliffs, but the inner parts of the island are leafy with hay meadows and birch pastures. The rocky beach of Bruket and the cliff beaches are perfect spots to take a dip in the sea.

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Did you know that you can have a look around the islands even before you travel? Go to Google Street View on the map by pulling the yellow icon (the figure) to the location you want to explore. Then click your way along hiking trails, forest paths, cliffs, and piers.

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