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Gällnö & Karklö

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Gällnö is an island in the central archipelago with lovely beaches, protected natural harbours and a well-preserved agricultural landscape. At Gällnö, there are red wooden sheds, boat houses and homesteads under the shade of knotty old apple trees. 

Here you will find a country shop, a hostel, cabins, a popular bar and a well-stocked café, and the smallest hotel in the archipelago with only one room! Torsviken bay has a natural harbour, a tenting area, and a sandy beach. A small strait separates the island from the neighbouring Karklö, but you can grab an island-hopping rowboat to get across.  Karklö also has an active agricultural farm with farm animals. 

Regarding the nature reserves

Gällnö and Karklö are nature reserves that are managed by the Archipelago Foundation.

You can read all about the rules for nature reserves at the County Administrative Board.

Explore with Street View

Did you know that you can have a look around the islands even before you travel? Go to Google Street View on the map by pulling the yellow icon (the figure) to the location you want to explore. Then click your way along hiking trails, forest paths, cliffs, and piers.

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