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Huvudskar Ead0018aa Huvudskar

Huvudskär is a group of islands in Stockholm’s southern archipelago with nearly 200 islands and islets. Since the island group is far out in the ocean there is usually a calm atmosphere here.

The lighthouse at Huvudskär stands tall over the islands small red cottages that are scattered among polished cliffs and barren nature. People used to live here for hundreds of years, but today there are no permanent inhabitants on the island. What once was a tollhouse and a pilot house has been converted into a hostel and flats and rooms that you can rent. Huvudskär has several popular natural harbours and the flad between Ålandsskär and Lökskär can sometimes be full of boats.

Regarding the nature reserve

Huvudskär is a nature reserve managed by The Archipelago Foundation.
You can read all about the rules for nature reserves at the County Administrative Board.

Explore with Street View

Did you know that you can have a look around the islands even before you travel? Go to Google Street View on the map by pulling the yellow icon (the figure) to the location you want to explore. Then click your way along hiking trails, forest paths, cliffs, and piers.

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