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Photo: Bosse Lind

Tjockö is in the northern part of the archipelago, close to Kapellskär and Räfsnäs. Here you will find an active archipelago community offering lovely nature experiences including beach spots and forest trails. 

Tjockö village is the old-time village with well-preserved houses. It has a small population that lives here year-round and many more that stay here during the summer. In the village there is a convenience shop open all year, and in the summer, you can have a meal at the Ökrogen restaurant. A small walk friendly road takes you across the island from the boat jetty, through the village and down to Österäng. On the northwest side cape, there is a lighthouse and protected harbours both north and south. 

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Did you know that you can have a look around the islands even before you travel? Go to Google Street View on the map by pulling the yellow icon (the figure) to the location you want to explore. Then click your way along hiking trails, forest paths, cliffs, and piers.

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