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Furusund Ead0008 Furusund

At Furusund you can stroll around among the quaint houses, rent a kayak, and explore the surroundings, or experience some culture at the festivity salon veranda, where you can sometimes listen to live bands.

Here you will find an archipelago paradise with beautiful villas, a bath house, lovely walking paths and lots of places to swim. The old toll station houses the guest house Furusunds Värdshus, which has a popular restaurant and a hotel. The guest house also has a guest harbour and a sea pavilion that serves simple meals. The strait that runs by Furusund has been mentioned in the literature as early as the 13th century, but it was during the 19th century that the first steam ships started to come here, and the town began to grow. Today the strait is trafficked by the ferries to Finland and large cruise ships set east. 

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