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Photo: Bosse Lind

Blidö is outside of Furusund and is one of Roslagen’s most popular summer spots. Thanks to the ferry connection with the mainland via the neighbouring island Yxlan, it is easy to get here.

In the small town of Stämmarsund, there is an archipelago bistro, cottages, and a hostel where you can rent a bike, a rowboat, or a kayak. The culturally conserved and protected ship Helmi has guided tours, seal safaris and sailing excursions to the islands nearby. At Blidö Church from the 19th century, you can enjoy music events in the summer.

Linkudden nature reserve on the southeast side of Blidö is an old agricultural area with lovely nature and smooth swim friendly cliffs.

The nature at Blidö offers leafy woodlands and grönskande meadows. The author Tove Jansson spent her childhood summers at Blidö, and it is said that the surroundings inspired her when creating Mumindalen.

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