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Själbottna och Östra Lagnö

Ostra Lagno
Photo: Bosse Lind

Själbottna and Östra Lagnö offer excellent areas for walks, swimming, and relaxing on smooth rocks. Själbottna can be reached by Waxholms boat, while Östra Lagnö is accessible by car or SL bus.

Östra Lagnö, part of Ljusterö, has a nature reserve covering half the island. Visitors are attracted by beautiful trails, rocks for swimming, and lush coastal meadows. On Brännholmen, the eastern part of the island, you can camp and enjoy a fantastic view of the islets and skerries of Svartlögafjärden.

Själbottna, due to land uplift, has several sheltered bays and picturesque coastal meadows. For those arriving by private boat, there are natural harbors in several places.

Regarding the nature reserve

Östra Lagnö is a part of Själbottna-Östra Lagnö nature reserve that is managed by Archipelago Foundation. You can read the rules for visiting the nature reserve at County Administrative Board.

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