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Photo: Bosse Lind

Finnhamn is one of the most popular islands in the archipelago. Even though it is located far out in the outermost archipelago, it is easily accessible by archipelago boat. A lot of people also come here by private sailboat to anchor in the popular natural harbours.

Finnhamn has it all - there is a hostel, a cabin village, a tenting area, a guest harbour, beach, café, and a restaurant with an outstanding rooftop bar. Idholmen farm has cows, chickens, and other animals as well as a farm shop with produce from their own organic farm.

Large parts of the island are a nature reserve with hiking trails that lead you through leafy forests, meadows, an active agricultural community, and barren archipelago nature.


Between Finnhamn and Kålgårdsön runs Båtluffarleden the Island hopping trail, where you can row between Finnhamn (Idholmen) and Kålgårdsön and continue on foot. Historically, Kålgårdsön served as outfields for the farms on Ingmarsö. The island constitutes its own nature reserve, and the former cultivated fields, historically used by farmers on Ingmarsö, have been cleared and are currently maintained as open areas by grazing animals from Idholmen's farm.

Read more about the points of interest on the island at Finnhamns naturskatter.

Regarding the nature reserve

Finnhamn is a nature reserve managed by the Archipelago Foundation.

You can read all about the rules for nature reserves at the County Administrative Board.

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Did you know that you can have a look around the islands even before you travel? Go to Google Street View on the map by pulling the yellow icon (the figure) to the location you want to explore. Then click your way along hiking trails, forest paths, cliffs, and piers.

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