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A visitor strolls through Iniö, admiring the church in the distance.
Photo: Visit Pargas

Between Houtskär and Kustavi lies the idyllic Iniö. Comprising some 1,000 islets and skerries, Iniö’s stunning shoreline collectively measures more than 700 kilometres in length. There are only 200 locals who live here on a year-round basis, so Iniö is an ideal stop for holiday-makers seeking an escape from the daily grind. Virtually untouched, violets grow wild here and chives appear in crevices between barren rocks. Aside from its awe-inspiring nature, Iniö has decent facilities and services as well as fascinating sights like the Sofia Wilhelmina church. Iniö is part of the Archipelago Trail and there are straightforward ferry connections to and from the area.  

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