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Central Naantali

A cobblestone street in Naantali's Old Town, lined with pastel-coloured wooden buildings.
Photo: Visit Naantali

Less than half an hour from Turku lies the charming Naantali. Founded in 1443 as a Bridgettine convent, Naantali is one of the oldest cities in Finland. The church is the only building that remains of the convent and it has become a must-see attraction over the years. But the truth is, Naantali is filled with must-see attractions. From the colourful Old Town and bustling harbour to the enchanting Moominworld and inspiring galleries, the city pulses with life. There is also no shortage of cafés, restaurants, or accommodation here with luxurious holiday resorts, cosy bed and breakfasts, and everything in between. Naantali is easily reached by ferry or bus, straight from Turku.  

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