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Five hikes within easy reach

Kustavi Luontopolku Metsae Pieni

If you’re longing to explore some natural gems, but don’t have own set of wheels, no problem! There are lots of trails in the archipelago, which can easily be reached by bus. Plus, nature will love you for travelling in such an eco-friendly way! Did you know that there is scientific evidence proving that nature has a healing effect? Head to the forest, and you’ll feel your stress fade among the trees and your mind relax in the soothing soundscape. In fact, the positive impact of the forest on your body and mind can be seen in just 15 minutes! This article will introduce you to five different nature trails in the heart of the archipelago. So, grab some snacks, lace up your comfy shoes, and go explore the great outdoors! 

Katariinanlaakso Nature Trail – Turku

Katariinanlaakso Nature Trail is a stroller and wheelchair-friendly route close to the centre of Turku. It’s just two kilometres long and there are many different parts. There are lush forests and sea views to enjoy along the way as well as sections that cross over easy terrain and slightly more challenging routes away from the main path. If you want to stretch your legs even further, you can follow the trail to Rauvolanlahti and then onto Kaarina. Here, it connects to St Catherine’s Paths, a network of hiking trails rich with history. 

How to get there

Hop aboard either Föli bus #9 or #13 from the city centre. It takes about 25 minutes, and it’s then just 50 metres from the bus stop to the start of the trail. 

Katariinanlaakson Luontopolku Talvella Pieni
You can hike along the nature trails in Katariinanlaakso all year round.

Westerholm Path – Nagu

This seaside route starts from Nagu’s market square. It’s only three kilometres long and it’s fairly flat as well as easy to navigate. There is one section, on top of the Jitukast rock, where you’ll need to climb up a slightly steeper slope, but you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view. But of course, you can skip this section altogether and take the detour. The route is named in honour of the landscape painter Victor Westerholm, who also worked as the director of the Turku Art Museum. His family had deep roots in Nagu and the sea inspired several of his works. 

How to get there

Both Föli bus #902 and #903 travel straight to the centre of Nagu, where you’ll find the start of the trail about 150 metres away. It’s around a 90-minute bus ride from Turku. 

Sattmark Nature Trails – Parainen

You’ll find three nature trails in Sattmark of varying lengths. The longest is 11 kilometres and there is some demanding terrain, but the trails are all well-marked, winding through thriving forests and over rocks. There is even a Bronze Age burial ground right at the start, on top of an enormous rock. Your stomach is bound to be rumbling after your hike, so make your way to Sattmark Bistro, where you’ll find something to ease your hunger. And if you’ve still got some energy, the Lenholm nature reserve is just two kilometres away. It’s one of the largest groves in Finland and there’s also a bird-watching tower here, which overlooks the shallow bay. 

How to get there

Both Föli bus #902 and #903 will take you close to Sattmark Bistro. It’s about an hour’s journey from Turku, and the start of the trail is just 200 metres from the bus stop. 

Visit Parainen Sattmark Luontopolku Jaska Poikonen Pieni
Sattmark has three different nature trails to choose from: 2.5 kilometres, 5.5 kilometres, and 11 kilometres. Photo: Visit Parainen/Jaska Poikonen

Dalsbruk Village Walk – Dalsbruk Ironworks Village

The Dalsbruk Village Walk will lead you into the historic heart of Dalsbruk Ironworks Village. It’s not a typical nature trail; along this walk, you’ll learn about remarkable buildings and dive into the area’s fascinating past. The route isn’t marked, but you can follow along on your mobile. As you explore Dalsbruk Ironsworks Village, you’ll find it has many tales to tell and many amusing names for its buildings like Rat Trap and Doghouse. You’ll even find Siberia down by the beach. It was said that this building was particularly drafty, and it felt like living in Siberia when the wind blew across the sea. The white buildings, on the other hand, were known as Hollywood; this was where young families with beautiful wives once lived, just like in a Hollywood movie. 

How to get there

Föli bus #702 travels straight to Dalsbruk Ironworks Village and then it’s just 200 metres to the start of the route. The bus ride takes a couple of hours from Turku. 

Taalintehdas Masuuni Cami Moberg Nordgren Visitkemioensaari Pieni
There are several nature trails that leave from the ruins of the old blast furnace. As well as traditional information boards, you can also find the story maps online if you can’t hike the trail yourself. Photo: Visit Kimitoön

Kustavi’s nature and culture trail – Kustavi

Right in the centre of Kustavi, you can walk in the footsteps of the renowned writer, Volter Kilpi. Just like Victor Westerholm, Volter Kilpi had a strong family connection to the archipelago. Beginning from the garden of the city building, the four-kilometre-long trail will introduce you to Kustavi’s interesting history and gorgeous scenery. The route has rock, forest, and road sections as well as duckboards; you can follow a digital version of the route here (in Finnish) or pick up a paper copy from the Kustavi Tourist Information Office. Along the trail, you’ll see the historic mail route, an unusual triangular-shaped boulder, and Jeremiah’s Caves, which were named after a man who hid there during the Great Northern War. 

How to get there

You can get to Kustavi easily with the bus company, Taivassalo Auto. It’s about a 90-minute journey from Turku. Buses travel to Kustavi several times a day. Find more information, including timetables, on the Matkahuolto website. 

Kustavi Luontopolku Kallio Pieni
Kustavi’s fascinating culture path winds through the city and past natural wonders. It takes around 2 and a half hours and you can walk in either direction.