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Astonishing accommodation

The setting sun reflects on the water in the Finnish Archipelago.
Photo: @jennifernuutil

There’s nothing wrong with the basic hotel room. You get a comfy bed, a fluffy bathrobe, and a teeny-tiny kettle with a veritable cornucopia of packaged treats. It’s everything you need for a perfectly ordinary night’s sleep. But if you want a little extra in your ordinary, you’ll want to mark these places on your map.   

Ruissalo Spa & Hotel

Ruissalo Spa & Hotel has long been a fixture on the island of Ruissalo, but it’s the hotel’s latest addition that has travellers intrigued. And, it’s not even in the hotel. It’s something known as the Tentsile Experience Camp and it’s here that you’ll find Ruissalo Spa & Hotel’s brand-new tents, suspended high above the ground like portable treehouses. If your only camping experience amounts to binge-watching Survivor, don’t panic: each tent comes fully equipped with sleeping bags, pillows, and mattresses. Your gravity-defying adventure also includes the use of the hotel’s spa as well as a buffet breakfast that you don’t need to win a reward challenge to enjoy.

A person looks out at the setting sun from inside a tentsile tent at Ruissalo Spa & Hotel.
The Tentsile Tree Tents have been cleverly designed, so they don’t harm the trees in any way. Photo: Ruissalo Spa & Hotel

Tackork Gård & Marina

If you’ve tested Ruissalo Spa & Hotel’s eco-friendly tents, and just can’t get enough, you’ll find a similar version at Tackork Gård & Marina. But it’s not the only way to sleep under the stars at this Nagu resort. Presenting Tackork’s Star Cottage: a circular-shaped building fitted with a glass ceiling. You’ll have no need to unpack the long johns; here, you can admire the twinkling night sky and snuggle down in a warm bed. The luxurious cottages are also fully equipped and tucked away in a secluded corner of the resort, making Tackork the perfect option for a romantic, moonlit getaway. Don’t forget to grab a table at the resort’s restaurant during your visit. It’s a top-notch eatery, renowned for ethically sourced game meat.  

The inside of a Star Cottage at Tackork, featuring a glass roof.
If you can bear to tear yourself away from the Star Cottage, Tackork also has kayaks that you can borrow in the summertime. Photo: Tackork Gård & Marina


Lootholma is a favourite among locals, and it’s not hard to see why. This seaside retreat has some pretty phenomenal cabins that feature grass-covered rooftops, stunning views, and (if you’re lucky) a hot tub on the terrace. But if you’re looking for an even more unique experience, you’ll want to book a yurt. It’s everything glamping should be and more. Not only do Lootholma’s wooden-framed yurts come with a terrace, refrigerator and heating, there’s also a cosy double bed as well as an extra sofa bed. While there’s no en suite bathroom, the Scandi-designed tents are just metres from the water’s edge and the sauna is available morning and night.

A row of white-coloured yurts at Lootholma.
You’ll find Lootholma in Kustavi, roughly a 70-kilometre drive from Turku. Photo: Lootholma

Storfinnhova Gård

The enchanting Storfinnhova Gård is about an hour’s drive from Turku, but it’s worth every kilometre. The underground smoke sauna alone is like nowhere else in the archipelago. And then, there’s the metsäkylä, or ‘forest village’: a group of hexagonal huts that stand two metres from the ground and blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Each hut has a set of stairs leading to the entrance (so there’s no need for any Tarzan-type theatrics) and comfortably sleep three intrepid adventurers. There’s a magical atmosphere in the metsäkylä; it’s almost like stepping into another world and as an added bonus, this world also comes with excellent insulation and floor heating.

Three hexagonal huts stand tall in the forest at Storfinnhova.
The otherworldly metsäkylä is close to Storfinnhova Gård’s underground smoke sauna. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for information about public sessions. Photo: Tomi Parkkonen/Visit Kimitoön