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An aerial photograph of Nagu's harbour, where sailing ships have laid down their anchors on a sunny day.
Photo: Jarina Leskinen

The cheerful community of Nagu is only a 50-kilometre drive from Turku. With two main islands and 3,000 islets, Nagu has long been popular with Finns, who travel the short distance from the city to enjoy the French Riviera-like ambiance. Tourism and farming are the core industries here, and the two meet in perfect harmony at Nagu’s plentiful restaurants, where locally produced ingredients take pride of place. Nagu also has an intriguing history; the island of Seili, for example, was once used as a hospital for people with leprosy and then later as Finland’s first public mental health facility. The area is easily reached by ferry or bus, which run back and forth from Turku and Pargas on a regular basis.

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