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Blank vattenspegel med en kustlinje i bakgrunden.

Svartlöga is located just outside Blidö, at the border of the outer archipelago. Here you can find lush forests and a well-preserved fishing village with red boathouses and extensive sea views.

The island is nestled in greenery and offers over a 10 km of marked trails that take you around the varied and unique nature.

From the ferry boat jetty on the north side of the island, a narrow road leads to the village harbor and the well-preserved fishing village dating back to the 17th century. From the red boathouses you have a mile-long sea view with the horizon to the east.

On the island there is a small shallow sandy beach and several rocky beaches, both on the north side and by the village harbour.

At Svartlöga, calm prevails. There is no shop, catering or temporary accommodation here, but has several places suitable for camping.

Read more about Svartlöga's cultural history at the Stockholm County Museum.

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