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Winter adventure in Stockholm archipelago - with kids

High five över ett fikabord.

Creating unique adventures and wintery outdoor excursions with the kids doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. Just a short boat ride away from the city lies our accessible archipelago – with plenty of space to stretch restless legs - and experience nature that is beyond ordinary. During winter, you can also be sure to have a unique experience that differs from the summers. With the right clothes and a little planning, it can become one of the best days in a long time - for both adults and kids.

Winter break or "sportlov" is a term that began being used in Sweden already during the first years of World War II when children were given a week off to save on fuel and heating in schools. Since then, it's been a tradition to have a week off during the winter term - usually between weeks number 7 and 10, depending on where in the country you live - but nowadays, the purpose is for recreation. Families get the chance to spend time together and be outdoors. But winter break doesn't have to mean expensive ski vacations - it's just as appreciated to venture out into the archipelago.

Adventures your kids will love

The islands in the Stockholm archipelago have a lot to offer for everyone – year-round. Besides having space for kids to climb and run, there's the opportunity to both meet and learn more about animals and nature. For example, you can compete to see who finds the most different animal tracks if the snow is white, or try to hear the most bird calls and identify them. Besides hiking trails, forests, and meadows, the different islands also have small cafes and restaurants that sometimes stay open in winter, and taking an hour to warm up by the fire at an inn can be a cherished break.

Två koppar med varm dryck på en stenhäll.

Eating out – always deliciuous

The Stockholm archipelago also has something that not many places in the world have - the ability to freely roam in forests and fields. Our valuable right of public access, or “allemansrätt” allows you to stay in a place that you like - and perhaps find your way back there more times. There's also the possibility to light a fire at the different barbecue spots - designated places for fires are easily found via the maps at parking lots or docks.

Kvinna äter en varm smörgås utomhus.

Appropriate outdoor food

Grilling a sandwich, making American pancakes, or melting cheese in a jar is especially cozy after a few hours of outdoor adventure with the kids. Accompanied by a cup of apple juice or hot chocolate from a thermos, it warms you up. More food tips to bring along are also the classic stick breads that every Swede has eaten in their childhood – and which are easily cooked over an open fire. Either mix the dry ingredients at home and let the kids mix them with water when you arrive – or prepare the ready-made batter and bring it along. Kids also usually appreciate being involved in finding sticks to wrap the bread around and carving them into useful tools.

Pannkakor steks över öppen eld.

Plan your trip

The best way to have a successful experience is to plan your trip carefully before you set of. Check the times and routes both there and back, investigate possible overnight stays, and keep track of opening hours in farm shops and restaurants. Packing extra warm clothes, a packed lunch, matches, and a bag for the rubbish you need to take back to the mainland can also be useful. With the right planning, your day will be an excursion that the whole family will appreciate.

En kanna över öppen eld.

How to get there

Are you curious about how to get to the islands? Here you can easily find out how your adventure with the kids can begin.

En kvinna och ett barn grillar i vinterlandskap.

American pancakes with extra fluff

3 dl wheat flour

1 tsp baking soda for extra fluff

2 tbsp granulated sugar

A pinch of salt

2.5 dl buttermilk

25 g butter

1 egg

Mix the dry ingredients. Add milk, melted butter, and egg and mix. The batter should be thick. Add the rest of the milk and mix everything thoroughly. Fry on medium heat on the stove or over an open fire - and preferably serve with syrup, powdered sugar, or warm berries.

Spiced hot apple juice

A simple recipe for a warming and easy spiced drink that is appreciated by both young and old: Heat a good apple juice together with a cinnamon stick and star anise. If you want it a little extra nice, you can also top it with ginger juice to taste.