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The taste of the archipelago

Skylt restaurang i trä.
Foto: Lars Sjöqvist

The Stockholm archipelago boasts a rich culinary culture, and a short boat, bus, or car ride from the city will bring you to food for every palate — often with a stunning view.

Here, many of the best restaurateurs thrive, and you can visit everything from a veranda with white tablecloths at Smådalarö Gård to a simple artisan pizza with wild garlic on a pier at Nåttarö. Welcome outside!

Locally produced – and delicious

The archipelago offers several well-regarded restaurants, but also places such as smaller pubs, farm dairies, shops, and breweries serving locally produced delicacies. Pizza, fine dining, coffee, ice cream, bubbly, wine, beer—here, the whole family can enjoy food that caters to all tastes. Many archipelago restaurants are also keen to serve locally produced and locally grown food, such as game or vegetables grown in kitchen gardens or supplied by local farmers.

Serverar mat på fat.
Foto: Lars Sjöqvist

Hospitality and simplicity

A popular way to experience the archipelago adventure is to rent a cottage on one of the islands. Get up early in the morning while the sea is calm and the morning mist still lingers over the meadows. Walk through the forest until it opens up to the sea, and have breakfast on a rock while enjoying the sunrise and the sounds of nature around you. The archipelago is known for its hospitality, so feel free to ask the locals for tips on great places to visit on the island you're on.

Skymning i skogen och liten stuga.
Foto: Lars Sjöqvist

Where to start?

Nåttarö is humorously called "Sweden's largest sandbox" due to its many beaches and stunning coves. It's an island easy to fall in love with, boasting 580 hectares of forests, beaches, and skerries just waiting to be explored. In 1959, a number of deer were placed here, and they still help keep the lawns in check today. Locally produced meat is served at the restaurant, and in the guest harbor, you will find locally brewed beer. If you're lucky, the ice cream boat might even stop to offer a welcome treat. From May 1st to September 30th, you can enjoy Nåttarö—and it's worth returning at Christmas for a tasting menu at the Christmas buffet.

Tallrikar i solnedgång Nåttarö.
Foto: Lars Sjöqvist

Unique silence and rich wildlife

Many of the islands in the Stockholm archipelago lack roads with heavy traffic, which is not only practical for families with children, but ensures a beutiful silence. The absence of traffic means that animals thrive, and you might even spot foxes, deer, moose, beavers, and various birds. In other words, it’s easy to combine good food and drink with a unique nature experience—completely free from background noise.

Klippa i solnedgång på Nåttarö.
Foto: Lars Sjöqvist

Pizza som serveras ute.
Foto: Lars Sjöqvist