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Easter weekend in the archipelago

En familj har picnic på en strand
Foto: Henrik Trygg

For many, Easter in the Stockholm archipelago is a sure sign that spring is on its way. The light is back in the sky, and the sun is warmer than it has been for a long winter. Easter is also, for many Swedes, a weekend that has fewer demands than for example Christmas or Midsummer  – especially if you spend it on a relaxing adventure. Here, we explore some ways to experience the charm of Easter in beautiful surroundings, participate in Swedish Easter traditions – and just spend time to enjoy.

Regardless of which of Stockholm's over 30,000 islands you choose to visit, Easter can offer both tranquillity and playfulness. You can walk along the sea, discover the unique landscape from a cliff, visit a farm shop or a pub, or enjoy a delicious Easter buffet.

Local groceries

Even though not all the shops and restaurants are until later in the summer, there are still plenty of places to visit during Easter weekend. For example, a popular tip is to visit one of the farm shops, where you can find local delicacies and crafts. Here you can also find everything from fresh vegetables and meat to homemade pastries and unique souvenirs to take home. Take the opportunity to visit and support the local producers.

Tomater gurka och ägg i ett stånd på Gällnö.

Swedish Easter traditions

Easter is originally a Christian holiday, but today many people have created their own celebration and celebrate it in their own way. Some common traditions that persist include, for example, hunting for Easter eggs – filled with candy and hidden in nature. The Easter bunny has been out hiding them for the children. Families usually gather to enjoy classic dishes like meatballs, lamb roast, herring, and egg halves with various dips, but also to enjoy painting eggs in beautiful colours – sometimes it becomes a competition to see who can decorate the most beautiful. At this time of year, lambs are often born on the farms, and if you're lucky, you can visit one of them and pet the small, fluffy, cute creatures.

En hand håller ett målat påskägg framför barn som målar ägg.
Foto: Henrik Trygg

Local pubs and restaurants

The Stockholm archipelago is not only known for its unique nature but also for its good food and the talented entrepreneurs and chefs who work here. Relax and enjoy Easter weekend by booking a table and trying some Easter specialties from the menu. Take the opportunity to treat yourself to an aster beer or a glass of wine (with or without alcohol) while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere – and view. For example, Norrtälje Bränneri – is located ten kilometers north of Norrtälje, and the farm has been inherited for five generations. Both Vaxholm, Värmdö, and Fjäderholmarna have breweries with plenty to choose from in terms of both tradition and taste.

En man häller upp en öl i en bar
Foto: Henrik Trygg

Easter – a time for family and friends

Most importantly during Easter is still spending quality time together with loved ones. Why not arrange a picnic on the beach, walk among pine trees and the sea, play a fun Easter game such as a quiz walk, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet in the archipelago. In the archipelago. Here, it is easy to create memories together that you will carry with you, long after the weekend is over.

En kvinna sitter på en sten vid vattnet
Foto: Henrik Trygg

Don’t forget!

Part of Easter involves public holidays, so be sure to check the timetable extra carefully when you're heading out.