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Beutiful hike on Gällnö

Middagsgäster i kvällssol på Gällnö.
Foto: Gustaf Waesterberg

Gällnö's walker-friendly trails lead to fantastic views, good food, and refreshing swims. You can conveniently arrive here by the morning boat from Vaxholm and disembark at the dock at Gällnönäs. From there, paths lead across the island – past red cottages, reed bays, and oak groves – allowing you to discover one of the archipelago's most original islands.

Gällnö is an island in the middle archipelago. Here you'll find beaches, sheltered natural harbors, and well-preserved agricultural landscapes. You'll also find red-painted sheds, boathouses, and residential houses, as well as a general store, hostel, cottages, bar, and café. A narrow water separates Gällnö from Karklö, which can be reached by the boat trail's rowboats to wander among nature, agriculture, and grazing livestock.

A rich history

In Gällnönäs, you'll find a sheltered harbor where there have been local fishermen working since at least the 1550s. A fisherman is actually mentioned in the land register, and according to tradition, the land was lean at that time, but fishing supplemented both sustenance and economy. Much later, the Russians ravaged this archipelago, and houses and barns were burned down. Even today, you can see a well-preserved “Russian oven” that tells of the troubled times during the summer of 1719.

Blank sjö i solsken.
Foto: Gustaf Waesterberg

Unique landscape

The trails on Gällnö wind through the landscape. Thanks to an EU-funded project aimed at refurbishing the island's trails and roads, they are in good condition. There are also exciting side paths and a chance to reach the bays and headlands that characterize Gällnö's coastline. Some of them are not visible from the trails, but some signs reveal where the bathing coves and natural harbors hide – for those eager for a swim.

Grönsaksstånd utanför ett hus på Gällnö.
Foto: Gustaf Waesterberg

Hiking with a break for a swim

In Gällnö village, you can easily take a break from hiking and find something cold to drink or taste the local delicacies. Torsviken has a natural harbor that offers a sandy beach with a freshwater pump, and from here you can, for example, hike the short distance to Norrviken, via a forest path, and eventually arrive at a sea bay where the water is usually several degrees warmer than in the sea. Enjoy the quiet and enchanting nature, hear the reeds rustle and the fish leap – and if you are lucky, you'll hear a lone boat engine thump. Then it's time to plunge into the water and cool off, before departing from Gällnö dock.

Skylt i skogen med bad på Gällnö.

Gällnö rött hus. med skylt ovanpå, postlåda och boj.
Foto: Gustaf Waesterberg